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This week I’ve been spending time evaluating Streetwriters, a new writing app for Android devices. I spotted a tweet from the developers under the #writerscommunity hashtag on Tweetdeck and decided to give it a try.

At first blush it wasn’t great. Lots of functionality just didn’t work, and being one of the first users to take it for a spin meant I didn’t have many other writers to interact with. I counted less than a dozen on the apps ‘Discovery’ feed.

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Swear Like A Viking: Rings, Swords And Right Hand Men

I was asked by the leadership at Asatru And Heathen Order to write a short article for their Facebook page on the topic of swearing oaths in the Viking period. This was the result, penned over a weekend.

Swear Like A Viking: Rings, Swords And Right Hand Men – by Trudi Hauxwell

Amongst modern Heathen groups the arm or ‘oath’ ring is a popular way to display one’s Heathen faith. These rings, which are worn as an item of personal adornment, are also used as a ceremonial tool in rituals and public declarations of fealty to a group or group leader. But what do we know of their use in the Viking period and how much do modern practices reflect the beliefs and customs of our ancestors? Continue reading


Flash Fiction: The Gluemn In God’s Eye

For years I’ve been fascinated by the idea that life may exist under the icy crust of Jupiter’s moon, Europa. In particular I wondered how an intelligent species might mythologise their landscape when the limit of their universe is a miles thick ceiling of ice. This is a glimpse in to life beneath a frozen ocean. Continue reading


The Right Tool For The Job: Dabble Writer

When I signed up for NaNoWriMo last year I decided to take a chance on a brand new writing platform. I had tried several, including Scrivener (too complicated), Apollopad (unreliable), and one which was so relentlessly awful I can’t being myself to name and shame it.

As I write in various locations and on several different devices, my main priority was finding a platform that allowed me to save my work to a remote server, something I had been waiting in vain for Scrivener to provide for years.

Fortunately, I found just such an application was one of NaNoWriMo’s sponsors for 2017, a new platform called Dabble. Usually I’m a bit wary of being a pioneer for a new piece of software. I prefer to wait until other users have identified the major bugs before I bog myself down in frustration, but this time I figured, why the hell not? I could always resort to pen and paper if it all went wrong. And besides, the creators of Dabble were providing a free month long trial for everyone who signed up during NaNoWriMo. Count me in, I said.

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