Post NaNoWriMo Reflections

Well, I suppose it was always going to be a difficult mountain to climb, when twelve hours of my day are devoted to the paying of bills and the putting of food on the table, but my NaNoWriMo effort for this year only managed to scrape over 17,000 words, against a 50,000 word target.

I had fully plotted the first two thirds of my story, and set myself a writing schedule, but in the end such a high word count was not compatible, either with having a full time job or with the way I write. I had hoped that by breaking down the target into three daily chunks of 555 words I would be able to nail the target with no problems, but it just didn’t work out that way. My afternoon word sprint was always going to be a struggle because that’s when I tend to be at my lowest energy level and if I missed one of the other daily sprints, well that was my daily word count ruined. In the end all those missed sprints added up. It does mean I now know that the morning is the only real viable writing time of day for me. On that basis I’ve come up with a new writing schedule for 2018. A daily word count of 700 words should allow me to produce something of novel length in about 6 months.

Hopefully, now that I know what is realistic for me I can settle in to a regular writing schedule and not be disheartened by what feels like a total lack of progress.

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