Norse Mythology: The Mother Of All Rabbit Holes

Way, way back in March I wrote a blog post talking about how a new plot idea had bubbled to the surface of my brain and I was intrigued by it’s possibilities. As part of this year’s Camp NaNoWriMo I immediately wrote the opening 6000 words of this new story, before a bout of writer’s block persuaded me that I needed a better understanding of my topic; Norse Mythology.
Six months down the line I now find myself wondering where all that time went. I have enjoyed my research immensely, learned a whole wealth of new stories, folklore and traditions and met some fine modern day Heathens along the way, but I probably should have gotten back in to the writing habit a lot sooner than this. I can at least console myself with the knowledge that my six month bout of procrastination is nowhere near the six years Nick Dybeck took to research the events of WW1. I can also point to the fact that during that time I have learned how to avoid all the classic pitfalls of portraying a viking era man as a testosterone fuelled psychopath.

Now I need to get back in to my stride and commit to the 555 words a day I promised myself last year.

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