NaNoWriMo 2017: Announce Your Novel

The Regulator coverWell, I’ve had quite a busy morning. The next NaNoWriMo challenge dropped into my inbox last night, and it was ‘Announce Your Novel’.

So after breakfast I duly headed over to Pixlr to cobble together a book cover for my story (paying a designer to do it is always the kiss of death for an unfinished work), and with a bit of assistance from the Flaming Text title generator this was the result.

Considering my graphics skills are extremely rusty I’m quite happy with that.

My next task was to come up with a synopsis and an excerpt.

Well the excerpt is still in my head, but I did manage to come up with a partial synopsis / book jacket blurb. I had to keep it simple, primarily because I’m not absolutely sure how the story will end yet, so for inspiration I drew on the micro-blurbs for the Alex Benedict novels by Jack McDevitt.

“You can’t win a war when the people you expect to fight it for you are already dead. The Pavonovirus left entire civilisations ruined, the survivors scattered across planets locked in a perpetual quarantine. That’s how peace was gained on Orion’s Arm, not through the efforts of diplomats and governments, but through a random, indiscriminate act of nature.

At least that’s the official story. Then someone tries to frame Commander Neylan Haas for murder. Sworn to uphold the law, Haas now finds herself hunted by her own colleagues. Stranded on a quarantine planet, where the locals have a much more frontier approach to justice, she’ll have to resort to some unorthodox methods to unpick a decade old conspiracy and clear her name.

The truth, when it is finally revealed, will prove that some secrets are best left buried among the distant stars.”

It needs a little work I’ll admit, but with NaNoWriMo the story is the priority, and it’s nearly time to knuckle down.

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